Our Services

We prepare everything so that your business conquers the world​.

Business Development Strategic Planning

Research and mapping of foreign target market identifying the potential collaborators and evaluating their interest. 

We do the mapping of any target market and give you all the necessary supplies to establish your company in the new market. The research includes manufacturers, distributors, agents, shops as well as any other factor that could be important for your business.

International Business Communication

Design of the approach and contact with potential customers to explore the interest in collaboration.

 We contact on behalf of you the potential customers and assure that no time is wasted in contacts that are not suitable or available for a collaboration. In this way, real interest is instantly evaluated. 

Cross-Cultural Marketing & Fair Management

Adaptation of the marketing strategy according to the cultural standards of the target market and management of corporate presence at fairs around the world.

 We undertake the difficult task of adjusting your corporate profile as well as the communication strategy for optimal results, while we organize your presence at any fair around the world. 

The Steps To Follow

Why Choose Us

Experience in Demanding Markets

We have successfully worked and opened markets for different products (e.g. food, construction materials, industrial equipment, commodity, household items etc) in different channels, such as finding importers, distributors, wholesalers, agents, retail chains

We Fully Customize the Approach

We carry out an exhaustive market research until we find the compatible potential partners who are interested and have the possibility to collaborate with our clients

Contact with the Business Reality

We have worked with multinational groups, with a structured and disciplined market penetration system getting to know every aspect.  Due to our long trajectory, we have the knowledge to open new markets for our clients.


Most of the companies struggle to find time for new projects! Business development and new projects are the future of the business. They are the smart assets of growing your business, opening new doors and making more money. It is the way to help your business create a long term value for itself in the market.

We cover almost all the sectors: food, construction, tourism, manufacturing, healthcare, FMCG, household goods, beauty products etc.
  • We discuss the needs of your business with you.
  • We decide together on the best market for you.
  • We study the market.
  • We find the appropriate potential customers for your company.
  • We investigate their interest in collaborating with you and pass them on to you.
  • You undertake the next steps for the new collaborations.

We are based in Barcelona, Spain with offices in Athens, Greece.

We fully undertake the business development process in order to explore and evaluate new markets and contact potential clients. Once the project is finished, we hand over the interested potential clients to you and from this point you undertake the next steps for the new collaborations.

It is crucial for us to thoroughly understand your business profile, aims and products. Therefore, in order to target with precision the potential clients, any kind of marketing or product material is more than useful.

The timeframe of each project is set upon discussion with you and it depends on various factors, such as the complexity of your goals and the nature of the target market.

Every product has it own particularities when exploring new markets. We focus a lot in discussing with you in depth about your products, in order to trace and adapt together the optimal business development strategy to save time and effort.

2 out of 3 companies struggle to find time for new projects

Hard work and valuable time are the keys to expand your business. Nevertheless, it turns out to be harder than it seems, when you are running to catch up with the day-to-day activities. From this point, we take action!